Customers at heart

CAH Certification

Good communication drives the customer experience, improving sales and financial performance. We can help you build and maintain great communication externally and throughout your organisation by putting your Customer At the Heart.

CAH Certification gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to your customers that they’re at the centre of your business. It provides you with a recognisable logo that you can use online and in print to build confidence in your brand, as you evidence your outstanding commitment to your people.

Fairhead approves and registers companies who have gone through our intensive Narrative programs, and have committed to putting their customers at the heart of their organisation.

Certified organisations receive:

  • CAH certification logos, with a license to use them for 12 months. A prominent visual that indicates your pledge to your customers.
  • Digital tools to help you share your customer-centric message with the world, giving you a clear way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Benefits of being CAH Certified:

  • CAH signifies your organisation as being focused on the people it serves – operating a ‘people first’ culture that goes beyond the way you communicate in your marketing and is reflected deep into the core of your brand’s values. It can help increase customer attraction and retention, and improve brand advocacy.
  • Approved organisations can display their certification and link on their website, at their premises and on promotional material as desired.
  • Organisations that have done the Narrative Workshop or own a Narrative Pages site can boast Customer-Centric Business status.

Ready to Get Started?

Apply for the Narrative Workshop so the Fairhead team can learn more about your business and help you understand how to truly put your customers at heart.

CAH is a certification scheme developed by Fairhead. We work with companies to help make marketing easier with clear communication that makes you more desirable and more trustworthy.